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What is Celtic Language School?

At Celtic Language School we are committed to the highest standards in language teaching.

Our school is located in the centre of the town, 2 minutes from the train station and close to all shops and restaurants. Celtic Language School is ideal for students of all ages and backgrounds. Students who choose to study with us enjoy a high-quality learning experience in a friendly and supportive environment.


We offer a fun methodology for all ages with excellent results. We have courses for babies from 3 months old, children, teenagers, young adults, and adults. Our main objective is motivation, and our priority is the good quality of learning. We use the communicative approach to learn in a natural and dynamic way and we place special emphasis on oral production. The language studied is the only one used in the classroom.

For us, personalization is a reality, each student is unique, with specific characteristics and needs. Our effort is aimed at ensuring that all our students achieve their goals


For babies from 3 months to 3 years

With our own method, Welcome to the jungle, our babies learn English in a natural and fun way. Our classes use music to stimulate the acquisition of language and the physical expression of the body. In addition, they improve retention and promote language learning for them. Our babies sing and dance songs in English both in the classroom and at home and enjoy engaging stories with a wide variety of age-appropriate and interesting topics. With our innovative method for babies, your child will learn new vocabulary, phrases, and expressions week after week.

All our courses from 3 years

We have been selected as Cambridge Learning Partners by the University of Cambridge. In all our courses from 3 years, we use Cambridge University materials. Being Cambridge Learning Partners is a guarantee of quality and curricular coherence. Cambridge University gives this prestigious seal to the educational centres of reference in each area that are committed to quality in the teaching of English.

Cambridge Learning Partner

In addition, we are the first language school that has a learning agreement with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

The objective of this agreement is the encouragement, promotion, and enhancement of knowledge of foreign languages ​​as a mechanism for improving employability in future professionals, understanding it from an efficiency and effectiveness perspective. Thus, both institutions join efforts to establish actions that favour, increase, and strengthen the accreditation of the level of foreign languages ​​of people over 16 years of age who participate in training actions in our centre.

Cambridge Learning Partner is an alliance between Cambridge University and Celtic Language School with the main objective of building a framework that guarantees excellence in the teaching and learning of the English language.

1.Own educational project: Cambridge Learning Journey. A trip that raises English proficiency and uses this vehicle as a vehicle for the student’s cognitive, emotional, and social development.
2. Materials from Cambridge University Press, accredited by the prestigious University, officially prepare for exams and work on emotional skills. Wide range for students of all ages.
3. Guarantee for the future: the Cambridge seal of quality is a worldwide reference for the accreditation of English in the academic and business fields.
4. Training for teachers that promotes their professional and personal development and directly benefits the classroom.
5. Classroom-home connection. Playful and digital activities to work at home with the participation of families and, also as support in the preparation of Cambridge tests.

Universitat Autònoma Barcelona Partner


About us?





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Coral founded the school in 1992 and since then, she has had the privilege of meeting many thousands of students and has seen them reach their goals. She has been in charge of the proper functioning of the school for more than 30 years.

After graduating in English Philology, she began her career as an English teacher and quickly became deeply passionate about language learning. This culminated in her obtaining the University of Cambridge English Language Teaching Certificate (CELTA) and the Alliance Française Professional Diploma for Teachers of French as a Foreign Language, with the sole aim of teaching languages ​​and helping students to develop and reach their full potential.

Her main responsibility is to make sure that we create the best possible conditions for learning to take place and that our students feel comfortable and relaxed in a familiar and welcoming environment. Coral likes learning to be engaging, motivating and energetic and always incorporates a fun factor into the classroom to support her students’ learning and development.





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Duna has been dedicated to the world of languages ​​since 2010. Her professional and international career and her close relationship with study abroad agencies have given her the necessary knowledge to know what makes a language school successful. Having completed the master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, the master’s degree in Compulsory Secondary and Baccalaureate Teacher Training, Vocational Training and Language Teaching and after obtaining the English Language Teaching Certificate from the University of Cambridge (CELTA), Duna has taught English and Spanish to children and adults of all ages in Spain, Ireland and Andorra. Duna is Cambridge examiner for English qualifications, and she is also an examiner in the Cervantes Institute for Spanish qualifications. She is specialized in preparing students for the Cambridge Assessment qualifications. She is also a Montessori guide specialized in ages 0 to 5. It is for all this that she has been able to create, together with Yuri, specific materials to prepare for the official exams (you will find them in the online store) as well as our “Welcome to the Jungle” English method for babies.

Duna is in charge of managing the Educational Department, creating resources and teaching materials, programming the selection and training of staff, as well as the individual academic monitoring of each of our students.





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With his professional experience in the world of business and teaching, Yuri has a deep understanding of the academic world and school management. He works closely with Duna to ensure our students’ goals are met and to be up to date with the teaching materials we use at Celtic. As he has taught English and Russian in different countries, Yuri brings invaluable experience to Cardedeu. Yuri is also certified in the Teaching of English Language by the University of Cambridge (CELTA) and is a Cambridge Examiner. Yuri is specialized in preparing for official exams as well as he does classes for companies and the business sector. He has prepared a lot of students who have successfully passed the exams and achieved their goals.

The progress of our students is one of the priorities of Celtic Language School and the experience and knowledge that Yuri brings to the school, positively affects students’ performance and learning.