Dream come true

Our experience has shown us that not all adults are looking for the same thing when they want to improve their level of English.

That is why we personalize your course according to your level, motivation, and pace of life. We want you to enjoy learning. Private classes are the best format to learn for all those who bring a modern lifestyle.

All our teachers have extensive experience and are trained to use different teaching

The first thing you must do is take a level test and once it's done, we’ll send you a “Needs Analysis” questionnaire where you can tell us what your goals are. In this way, we will select the best teacher for you according to your needs and preferences. Your teacher will help you achieve your goals in the shortest time possible and you can also choose your own schedule.

Everything you need to learn English is at your fingertips. Forget about books and additional expenses, we will provide you with all the material.



The classes are very dynamic and interactive and there are different modalities.

General English

The aim of the course is to achieve a high level of communication in everyday English. You will improve your grammar, work on your pronunciation and begin to speak with confidence and fluency. If you don’t know which course to choose, start with this one.

Business English

This course simulates real work situations: from creating a new project to presenting an international conference.
You will master business vocabulary and easily understand your foreign colleagues. You will be able to defend your point of view and express your ideas clearly.


Ideal for people who want to overcome the language barrier and speak. You will learn to express yourself in the language with confidence and to understand what others are saying. Less grammar and more practice!

English for tourism

You will learn skills to communicate in airports and hotels. You will learn common English expressions for meeting new people and travelling.

You can choose from the following packs:

Online mode

Pack 35 hours /  999 €
Pack 20 hours / 599 €
Pack 16 hours / 500 €
Pack 12 hours / 385 €

Face-to-face mode

Pack 35 hours / 1039 €
Pack 20 hours / 639 €
Pack 16 hours / 535 €
Pack 12 hours / 415 €