Master the languages ​​you want


French, Russian and Spanish for foreigners

In an increasingly globalized world, there are more people who want to learn a second or third language for their professional or personal development.

Our high-quality courses in other languages ​​help achieve this goal and obtain official certificates that demonstrate the level reached.

All our teachers are qualified in the language they teach and have specific training in language teaching. In addition, they receive continuous training to learn new language teaching techniques.

Our language learning methodology, the “Communicative Approach”, allows our students to use the language from the first day of class, with the aim of being able to communicate.

Our programs are clearly structured, with a work and evaluation system (tests, writing tasks, global exams) that allow the continuous monitoring of the student’s progress.

We prepare our students for the most prestigious and recognized official exams of each language.


Academic course

Standard courses from September to June. Each course follows a textbook and a workbook to help consolidate the content seen in class at home. The classes are dynamic and varied and all aspects of the language are practiced, with special emphasis on oral communication.

1 to 1

For students who want a specific course or need to learn a language quickly. The schedules and the contents are adapted to the particular needs of the students.

Summer intensive

They allow students to advance a full level in just 5 weeks. It is an excellent way to make a big improvement in your language skills in a short period of time. The contents and method used are exactly the same as in the academic year.

Study abroad

Our study abroad programmes allow you to develop your language skills and at the same time get to know a new culture. Learning and improving oral and comprehension skills, and at the same time immersing yourself in the country’s culture, is one of the most effective ways to master a language.


Take our level test and we will contact you to inform you of your level and advise you on the best course for you.