Learning is fun

At Celtic Language School we create a joyful space for social learning and play, to ensure that our students understand the meaning of the new language to which they are exposed to.

During the three years of early childhood education, we introduce the English language to the students, through an enchanting world, based on the adventures of two children, Nico and Sam, and their encounters with Greenman, the magical protector of the forest. Throughout the three courses, the students accompany Nico and Sam as they learn how to take care of the environment, enjoy the outdoors, and lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Learning with nature, learning naturally, this is the magic of childhood. Our methodology teaches children by letting them be themselves, playing, discovering, sharing, and having fun. During these three courses, we accompany the children in this magical moment of their learning process, following and respecting the natural maturation of each one, the different rhythms of learning and providing materials adapted to their environment and abilities.

Through repeated listening, positive reinforcement, interactive games and activities, our students learn vocabulary, the basic structures of English sentences and their correct pronunciation. Each course includes 6 animated stories, songs, and a host of rhymes that develop children’s phonemic awareness and early reading skills. Greenman and the Magic Forest is an appropriate course for both beginners and those who have completed the Babies courses with us.