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Who we are

We are a couple that loves languages and learning about other cultures. We are especially in love with the Celtic culture. Ireland is particularly special to us as it is the country where we first met! We are an international couple: Yuri comes from a Russian family but was born in Riga, Latvia and was brought up in England, while Duna, born in Cardedeu, has always travelled around the world and lived in the USA and Dublin. Celtic Language School was born from our wish to bring the Irish and English culture to Cardedeu, and to teach our students all we have learnt while living abroad. We also want to pass on our passion for languages because, as we say, language is a superpower.

Yuri’s unique career background in business and teaching in the English language sector in England has given him an in-depth insight into the academic and operations management of the school. He works closely with Duna to ensure that the goals of our students are achieved. Having taught English in different countries, Yuri brings a lot of valuable experience to Cardedeu. Yuri is also a University of Cambridge CELTA qualified teacher. The progress of our students is one of Celtic’s top priorities and the experience and knowledge that Yuri brings directly enables our students to do their best.

Duna has worked in the English language industry since 2010 and her close working relationships with study-abroad agencies from all over the world has given her a unique insight into what makes a successful language school. With a Master Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and after becoming CELTA (University of Cambridge Certificate) qualified, Duna has taught English and Spanish to children and adults of all ages in Spain, Ireland and Andorra. Duna has overall responsibility for the smooth running of the Education Department, recruitment and training programmes and ensuring the individual academic goals and objectives of our students are met and exceeded. Duna is also a specialist in exam preparation for FCE, CAE, CPE and IELTS exams as well as teacher training.

Wide variety of language courses


We offer a great variety of languages, among which we can highlight:

  • English
  • Spanish and Catalan for foreigners
  • French
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Russian

If you are interested in learning any of these languages or have any queries, please contact us via email to or call us to +34 93 871 24 61 and we will contact you for a personal appointment in order to get to know you and to offer you a free Placement Test.


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