We offer permanent or occasional babysitting in English, ideal for families who want to bring English to their homes.


Play in English

Play in English is a fun, educational and creative activity where we practice English through games, theatre, creativity and critical thinking. It is an intensive summer course for children aged 8 to 12. The timetable is from 9:00 to 13:00, Monday to Friday during 5 consecutive weeks.

90€/ week

170€/ 2 weeks

250€/ 3 weeks

340€/ 4 weeks

400€/ 5 weeks

Summer intensive courses

For those who want to improve their English knowledge or prepare for any official exam during the summer time, at Celtic Language School we offer intensive courses for young adults and adults. The courses last 5 consecutive weeks, Monday to Friday.

There are two types of intensive courses:

  • Intensive Miraculous: 3 hours a day. Ideal for people who want to move up one level.

Total of hours: 75

Price: 690€

  • Intensive Reinforcement: 1hour and 45 minutes a day. Ideal for those who wish to improve and strengthen their knowledge in English.

Total of hours: 44

Price: 410€


We have at your disposal a team of translators and interpreters specialized in your activity field. We can translate and correct texts and documents.